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Beekeeper and hives
Beekeepers and beehives
Beekeepers checking beehives
Beekeepers and beehives
Beekeepers and beehives
Beekeepers and beehives
Beekeepers and beehives
Beekeeping mentee
Beekeeping mentor

Hive Buddy is an experience sharing platform for beekeepers

It is a place for Beekeepers of all types to get together and share their experience and experiences.


Hive Buddy's purpose is to increase confidence and competence in all beekeepers no matter what stage you’re at. It is our ambition to promote a platform where everyone feels welcome with learning and experience sharing at its core. It's our pledge to ensure there is value for all beekeepers.


Our Mentorship Programs

With quality mentors you have quality mentorships. Our online group mentorship programs support you through your journey to become a more confident and capable beekeeper. With cohorts always under way you can join at anytime. The groups are small and personal and comfortable way to learn amongst good company. The mentors meet with the group fortnightly and stay connected on Hive Buddy in between.



Our Platform

The Hive Buddy platform is a place to bring value to you and your beekeeping journey, connect with the right beekeepers that support the way you want to move forward. The Hive Buddy platform is free and access to the mentorship programs is based on a seasonal three-month guided program provided by your dedicated mentor. Some of our mentors can also provide one on one mentoring.

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