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About Hive Buddy

How do I get in touch with HiveBuddy admin?

Send us an email at

What is Hive Buddy?

Hive Buddy is a community of current and future beekeepers who are interested in beekeeping and sharing experiences for growth and learning.

What is the Hive Buddy platform?

This is a convenient place for beekeepers to come together to exchange experiences and learn from each other. It is also where our mentorship groups have their private space to spend time together as a cohort.

What is the Hive Buddy Premium membership?

For only $10 per month you can become a Hive Buddy Premium member. This gives you access to all of our monthly special events for free (normally $15) and special prices for Premiere events. Being a Premium member will let you skip to the front of the queue for mentorship groups. This can be critical for mentors that are in high demand!

Does it cost anything to join Hive Buddy?

No, it is compeltelty free to be part of the community of beekeepers sharing ideas and experiences. There are some paid mentorship groups and events.


I don't have bees, can I join a mentorship?

Yes, this is one of the best places to learn more about beekeeping and start to get oriented to the issues and challenges all beekeepers face from time to time.

Do I have to join a mentor group that is close to me?

No, the best approach is to find the person that suits you and your interest level. All Hive Buddy mentors have very different approaches and personalities. This diversity of options is what makes Hive Buddy great for you.

How much does it cost to join a mentorship cohort?

Prices do vary with the experience of the mentor and the demand for their program. Check out our programs page to find out the costs.

I really want some one on one mentoring, do you do this?

We will be offering this soon, keep an eye out on the mentors page on our website for when this is released.

Can I gift a mentorship program?

Yes, the price is the same but we can work with you to setup a nice gift card to present to the lucky recipient.

Why don't you offer discounts?

We believe it is time to truly value the contribution of many of beekeepings greatest. The people involved have willingly given freely in many instances and their skill and care is worth the price that you pay.

What happens if my mentor reschedules sessions?

We don't want to change planned events too often but it may happen as bees (and life) can create unplanned complexity from time to time. The mentor will always catch up the session and if you can't make it they will record it for you.

How do I sign up to a mentorship?

Browse out mentorship programs at and select a beekeeping mentor that suits your style and has the personality that works for you.

What if I can't get to my mentorship catch up?

It's no surprise to us that people are busy and that you may miss the occassional session. All sessions are recorded and available to cohort members so they can catch up or rewatch the group sessions.

Will a mentorship group be as good as in person mentoring?

It will be different and not necessarily better or worse. In a mentor group you get to hear the stories an experience from a whole group and not just your mentor. Team mentoring is well regarded as a great way to quickly gather exposure to lots of different ideas and experiences.

There's someone I know who should be a mentor on Hive Buddy?

We are developing a tight framework around how we accept new mentors. This shouldn't be seen as discouraging. We want people who are commited to other people so we need to be careful. Suggest to them that they should visit one of our quarterly Mentor information sessions. These run approximately mid September, December, March and June.

What is a Hive Buddy mentorship?

A three month online, group based mentorship program, lead by a beekeeper with varying interests and expertise and a huge dose of enthusiasm to see you grow from the experience.

What if I find that I don't like my mentor?

We have carefully worked with the mentors to make sure they have the tools they need to deliver a quality mentor program. If you still feel like it's not working then send us an honest email with an explanation ( We'll then want to chat with you to learn more about the situation so we can guide our mentors appropriately. The above is treated with respect and care.

Should I still do a beekeeping course if I want to do a mentorship?

Absolutely, mentorship is not a replacement for quality, hands-on beekeeping courses. We provide a great follow up after you have developed some of the foundations of beekeeping.

I'm not sure if I want to keep bees? What should I do?

Join Hive Buddy for free and take a look around for a few months. Listen to others and ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask that silly question. You will not be shot down in flames here! After this you might be in the position to make a more informed decision.

What is the format of a mentorship?

Over the three months of the program you will meet online approximately every fortnight. This will be usually in the evening to accomodate most people's busy work schedules and allow the beekeepers to get out with their bees during the day. In between these group catch ups there will be the oportunity to pose questions and experiences to your cohort in your private Hive Buddy mentorship tribe. There is a monthly event that is hosted by a Hive Buddy mentor or expert that all mentor group participants don't have to pay to attend.

Can I get a refund?

If you must cancel we will refund all of your program costs up to two weeks before the start of the first month of your program. Within the last two weeks we retain 50% of the program price unless you can refer a replacement participant. If we have a waiting list for a program we will waive the above. Email us to discuss options.

Can I be part of more than one mentorship at once?

That's up to you, if you want different perspectives or even completely different topics to explore than this is a great idea.

How do I choose the right mentor?

Take a look around the Hive Buddy platform, see how the mentors exchange their ideas and interact with the people on the platform. Check their business social media profiles to gauge the sort of person they are. Book in!


Can I attend your events without participating in a mentorship?

Yes, some of our events are free and others do have a cost. If you want to regularly join these events then perhaps consider a Hive Buddy Premium membership for only $10 a month.

Do you offer any events for free?

Yes, anyone with a free Hive Buddy profile can attend The Hive Buddies Show and the occasional other onine event.

I have an idea for an event, can I put it on the Hive Buddy platform?

Yes you can, pleade get in touch with the Hive Buddy team to discuss (

How do I register for an event?

You need to be a member of Hive Buddy to register for an event. Free events are for all members to join. Paid events are open for paid registration through the link provided by Hive Buddy or your Mentor.

Can I attend one off events?

Yep, Hive Buddy is planning to bring events in the future. Some will be free and some will be paid events. Either way you need to be a member of Hive Buddy (which is free)