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A Hive Buddy membership is a place to experience high quality presentations from dedicated beekeeping community members.

What are the events?

There is a full schedule updated monthly to show what's coming up and what you can expect. The main event program is a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm  (Australian Eastern Time). Weekly events...not bad eh?

What are the Membership Packages?

We've listened to the feedback and learnt that people want different things. The common thread has been the desire to watch and listen to people's experiences who are well regarded in the community.

Get Started Plan are for those who want to try a bit but not requiring the full experience. This is for you if watching the event replays is enough. This is also good for those not in a suitable time zone to catch the live events.

Get Involved Plan is the place to be for live events and the opportunity to participate in the Q&A at our events. 

Get Masterful Plan is a premium invitation only group. Not only do you get all from the Get Involved Plan but you will get invited to exclusive events, Applications are currently closed for this group. More details from February 2022.

Membership Plans

Get Started Plan

Access all recorded sessions

Easier for the busy person

Great presentations





* Save 33%

Get Involved Plan

Live events

Q & A participation at events

Access any additional info





* Save 17%

Get Masterful Plan

Premium events access

Invitation only

Exclusive opportunities





* Save 17%

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