Ben Moore

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Bees are my passion and I'm there to see you succeed

Ben Moore
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Giving of my time and committed to other beekeepers.

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Nature, the outdoors, community, education, local business and family are all central to his political agenda, and it is his strong belief that showing compassion for people and the environment is the key to fruitful progress and a bright future.

Ben grew up in the tranquil Yarra Valley, where he was exposed to nature and farming from an early age. It is undoubtable that this childhood led him to set up his own company, Ben’s Bees, over ten years ago. Through this thriving business endeavour, Ben has built a passionate and loyal community of beekeepers-- both professional and amateur-- from Australia and across the globe.

His exuberant and captivating personality, generosity and passionate outlook has been well received in countries all over the world, where he has travelled to further his knowledge of apiary. In turn, Ben has actively generated an expansive network of independent business owners, health professionals and environmentalists who share his love of natural beekeeping and local produce, and, in recent years, he has spent time in Europe, Asia and New Zealand meeting and working with these experts. Ben’s exciting global profile has led to many opportunities, including presentations at international conferences, educational programs for adults and children, and frequent public appearances on mainstream and community media.

However, upon meeting Ben, we see that this motivation extends beyond beekeeping, and he seeks these holistic values in all of his pursuits. Through bees, Ben has come to recognise the intrinsic connection between human health and the environment; without bees to pollinate the vast majority of the world’s food crops, our existence is threatened. There is a relationship here that Ben feels deeply connected to: respect all levels of life to create a positive future. With this in mind, Ben perceives that health is undeniably the cornerstone to individual and societal success, but it can only be fully realised through a genuine appreciation of the planet, it's creatures and the wider human community. Ben is an experienced mentor who is motivated to share his experiences to help others succeed and ensure bee sustainability.