Carmel Gerdsen

What's your mentor style?

Honouring & respecting each beekeepers different different style & values, I will always suggest more than one or two choices for solutions, so they can make an informed choice that resonates best for them and their bee journey.

I am aware of the importance to step back so mentees can step in.

I have a child-like sense of fun combined with a deep heart centred approach.

Carmel Gerdsen
Why would beekeepers recommend you?

Communicating & sharing my knowledge & passions seems to be in my blood. I seem to have the ability to be able to break things down and explain things in ways that others find easy to understand.

I also get immense joy from those 'aha' moments - like a mentee seeing eggs for the first time or lighting a smoker successfully on their own.

Empowering others to stand on their own 2 feet and celebrating their successes makes my heart happy.

Knowing I can do my bit to bring awareness & contribute to the health of our bees, our food security, our environment and taking care of our planet and future is important to me.

A quote from my favourite book The Lorax "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

More Information

Carmel is passionate about nature & the environment, she grew up on Kangaroo Island and has lived in three states of Australia.

She likes to collect things like crystals, books, different honeys & different types of beehives.
Carmel is a "Jill of all trades" as she has had a varied and eclectic life of different careers and interests, including being a musician, a hairdresser, a security guard, a teacher's aide & admin staff at a primary school, a professional face painter.

She is very creative and enjoys arts, crafts and music. Carmel meditates regularly and loves to explore spiritually, energy & expansion of consciousness. But she balances this with a keen interest in science.

More from Carmel:

In 2012 I discovered a beehive at a bungalow wall where I was renting.

My landlord offered to send an exterminator, but instead I asked if I could keep the hive once I paid for it's safe removal.

I found a mentor living in my same estate in Sunshine West who taught me good basic beekeeping and how to collect swarms.

I collected one swarm and another one, and the hunger grew and my love of bees grew - what AMAZING little creatures they are. I had went from one to five hives within 3 years.

At the time, I was working at Yarraville West Primary School, with staff often asking me for honey. I figured making money from honey was just a numbers game but lucky I came to my senses and discovered that my relationship with bees and what they were teaching me, is WAY more important than honey.

I decided to turn my hobby into a profession and looked for employment with an established beekeeper.

From Spring 2016 I spent two seasons working for a beekeeper and then went on to set up my own business, CMG Honeybee. I am based in the western suburbs of Melbourne and offer mentoring, educational talks & workshops, raw local western suburb honey, beeswax, wraps.

I was a founding member & on the committee of Werribeeks beeclub for 3 years as well as being the club's biosecurity officer after doing the TOCAL College course in Managing Pests & Diseases.

I have had my share of BIG stumbles along the way but each one has been valuable learning. I find the gap between commercial and hobby beekeeping interesting and hope that I can sit comfortably between the 2 and help bridge that gap.

It has always felt like the bees chose me and that they keep me, so I am learning be their humble, respectful servant and developing that symbiotic relationship with them has actually helped me become more in tune & respectful with my environment as well as becoming a better person as a whole.

I have recently become aware of how important our native bees are and I am exploring the relationship & impact honeybees have in this area.

I promote the message that everything is interconnected and without respect for our pollinators & nature - we humans won't have a future.