Michael Johnson

More about our Mentor

This desire for growing food also lead Michael to start up The Basin Food is Free Project; a community garden with a sole purpose of growing food for the community.

As with most beekeepers, one hive turns to two, two to four and soon there are 300 hives in Michael’s care after he transitioned from his engineering company to turning his beekeeping hobby into a full-time business. Michael mentors over 30 backyard beekeepers and manages a beekeeping supply shop in Knoxfield where he sells equipment to backyard beekeepers and is the Melbourne/Gippsland Authorised Flow Hive Reseller.

Michael provides a unique and simple style of mentoring; you get your hands dirty. Michael encourages interactive mentoring and has had great success with his approach of getting into the hive and seeing for yourself what is happening.

Mentoring for Michael was a follow on from his supplies business following many customers expressing their confusion with the abundance of YouTube videos and social media telling them different advise. His customers also reported that even though they did a beekeeping course, they didn't learn all that they wanted to due to the structure of most courses and the information overload. Mentorship is the perfect way to address the needs of the individual in a supportive and hands on way.

Michael Johnson
What's your mentor style?

My style of mentoring is simple, you get your hands dirty, its hard to learn whilst you just listen you really need to get into the hive and see for yourself what is happening, I have found this style to work extremely well.

Why would beekeepers recommend you?

I would hope people would say my relaxed style of mentoring and the fact my objective is not to always find a fault in my students.