Vanessa Hoo

What's your mentor style?

I adapt to anyone style of beekeeping, and make sure all information about the clients hives have been collected before giving any additional advice.

I am promoting a confident and professional development mentoring style to make sure the bees and beekeeper thrive.

Vanessa Hoo
Why would beekeepers recommend you?

I think there so much to learn, and so much to teach that it is an never ending passion to share.

More Information

Vanessa is the face of Mademoiselle bee in Australia for 6 and half years who has learnt beekeeping on a variety of different types of hives, and style of beekeeping. Vanessa travels all over Australia to meet with commercial and hobbyist beekeepers and appreciates the opportunity to pass her knowledge onto others.

Vanessa is well-known in the industry and has held many titles including Woolworth’s ambassador, Flow hive ambassador and varroa med ambassador. Vanessa advocates for bees and beekeeping and has extensive experience with TV and radio, magazine and newspaper articles.

Vanessa is a passionate mentor with extensive experience in conducting mentorship programs, education session to live bee removal and adoption/sponsorship programs. Vanessa is always excited to get to know anyone who loves bees.