Learn, Contribute, Grow

Beekeeping can be daunting and confusing, especially when you just start out.

Have you ever felt like you've really needed an experienced hand to guide you through your beekeeping journey?


Hive Buddy mentorships are meant to feel like you have a close friend near you when you need it. Our mentors have been carefully selected for variety of personality combined with different experiences and areas of interest. No two mentors are the same but they all have the ability to bring competence and confidence to you and your beekeeping. 

Our group mentorship programs are fully online and include a catch-up every two weeks to work together with your mentor and other beekeepers. The best part about it is you learn just as much from the other mentees as you do from the mentor. The group learning aspect is the highlight for many participants.


Hive Buddy Mentorships

The mentorships are a group of beekeepers that are lead by a Hive Buddy mentor. The mentor groups meet online approximately every two weeks usually to discuss seasonal matters and support the curiosity of the mentees. Additionally, each mentor group has a special, private online community within Hive Buddy that allows the group to stay connected and support each other through their journey. This is curated and supported by your mentor.

Whilst many of our mentorships are designed to support new beekeepers within their first few years of beekeeping, there are some mentors offering advanced and technical mentorship programs for those ready to take the next step.



Denison, Victoria

Caroline has really helped me grow and mature as a beekeeper, generously sharing her extensive knowledge, experience and mindful approach to beekeeping. Her mentor-ship style is informal and friendly, you won't regret becoming one of her 'bee buddies'.


Victoria, Australia

Caroline is a very down to earth beekeeper with lots of valuable ways to help you through the trials and the joys of keeping bees. She is full of passion and love of bees and how we can better look after them.


Bendigo, Victoria

The group sessions meant I could learn from everyone's bees, not just my own. My mentor was up to date with her knowledge and kept us informed of current conditions.


South Australia

I finally can say that I have the confidence to go it alone with my hive inspections.