The Hive Buddies Show - Episode 2

Join your hosts Simon Mildren from HiveKeepers and Ryan Moloney from Beach Box Honey waggle their way into a conversation about all things bees.

This episode has special guest buddy, Michael Johnson from the The Basin Backyard -

Ryan kicks off by discussing his new found respect and appreciation for different aspects of honey production, especially making some interesting comparisons between commercial and small scale producers.

Simon gets us talking about building giant sculptures of Trojan horses containing bees when he brings up the ancient practice of 'Figure Booty'. Yeah, it's as strange as the name suggests (look for more info here if you're brave enough -

This episode is not short on good advice and points to think about as our hosts and special guest go into all matters requiring attention in the lead up to the southern Australia Spring season.

Hope to see you at the next one...

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