Program Description

Carmel's adaptive & responsive approach to each individual & situation will give a richness & bring awareness to the variety that takes place within beekeeping. This coupled with basic & solid overarching principles of beekeeping will provide and empowering experience.

Plus the fun of her unique - BEE BINGO!


Program Duration

Spring 2021 (September to end of November - three months)


Program Times

Starting at 8pm on 18th October 2021 (AEST). 


How does it work?

Here's some basic information but there is an extensive FAQ page that may also assist. If we haven't answered all your curiosity then send us an email.


We will meet fortnightly on a mentor group conference call and stay connected in our private mentorship group on the Hive Buddy platform. You will be able to post questions and assist the other mentees within the cohort...afterall it is all about experience sharing!


Can't join in live every time? Don't worry, all the sessions are recorded and can be watched back at any time. You can even post your queries beforehand and your mentor will endeavour to answer them during the next session

Carmel's Bee-ple - helping to nurture confident, committed, caring beekeepers